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UC Sponge is a leading cellulose sponge manufacturer in China. By partnering with UC Sponge, You’ll get the most comprehensive cellulose sponge manufacturing and fabrication solutions on the Chinese market.

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Universal manufacturing or custom cellulose sponge foam block in different color, size and pores.


A variety of cellulose sponge fabrication such as shapes cuting, compression, lamination and CNC processing etc..

Priavate Label

Complete OEM services to your specifications and quickly manufacture packaged goods ready for sale.

Our Strength

Only Cellulose sponge manufacturer USA serves the best quality? Here is the truth.

The world has a limited number of cellulose sponge manufacturers due to barriers in technology and potential pollution of the production environment.

Are there any cellulose sponge manufacturers in the USA? Of course, One is 3M, the giant currently only supplies its own Scotch Brite brand, and the other one isn’t so reliable. About 90% of the so-called cellulose sponge manufacturers in the USA purchase sponges from other countries and manufacture them for their clients.

Since business is all about profit, why not increase your profit margin to the highest level possible while using the same materials?

With UC Sponge, you can quickly get the cellulose sponge products you need for your industry, and the price for UC Sponge is generally about 45% lower than cellulose sponge manufacturers in the USA for the same material.

Since 3M cellulose sponge has first been introduced to the market, UC Sponge has become involved in cellulose sponge manufacturing. Combined with our complete range of processing capabilities and highly competitive prices, we have become the market #1 for cellulose sponge manufacture and OEM production in China.


Facial Sponges

Wet or dry/compressed exfoliating facial cleansing sponges for professional estheticians or individuals.

Go Facial


Cleaning Sponges

All natural made and 100% degradable sponges uses for commercial and industrial market cleaning.

Go Cleaning


Sponge Cloth

The revolutionary and substance swedish cloth for multiple usages, fully replace the wipes and towels.

Go Sponge Cloth


Biocide Free Sponges

The revolutionary and substance swedish cloth for multiple usages, fully replace the wipes and towels.

Go Biocide Free

#1 Compressed Cellulose Sponges Manufacturer

Better Raws And Prices

Our 100% biodegradable cellulose sponge products are made with the best raw materials on the market with 45% savings compared to any overseas suppliers.

360° Tailored Production

Easily meet any manufacturing needs you may have with professional production lines designed specifically for the deep processing of cellulose sponges.

A Fortune 500 Supplier

Custom labeling of cellulose sponge products for leading retailers and non-government environmental organizations, recognition of higher quality, and more diversified solutions.

The Only Biocide Free Producer

One of the 2 cellulose sponge manufacturers in China that can provide medical and microbiological grade pure cellulose sponge.