Biocide Free Sponge Market

Compressed cellulose material not contain any biocidal or biostatic agents.

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Specific Sponge For Science Purpose

Cellulose Sponge is a suitable carrier for laboratory scientific testing and detection, and it is also a good material for medical purposes such as disposable swabs such as earwax swabs.

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Key Benefits

It can help the estheticians quickly clean the customer’s face and complete the skincare work, and it will not cause harm to the environment when used. Due to its unique pore structure, it can effectively remove any cosmetic residues to achieve deep cleansing. To ensure food safety or other professional testing, scientists use sponges cut into small pieces to drop corresponding reagents to detect the reaction of biological products or food contact, thereby observing the periodic changes of microorganisms.

As we all know, standard cellulose block contains humectants and bactericides to prevent mildew and prevent drying and deformation. The corresponding ingredients will directly kill microorganisms and affect the test results.

The sponges used for testing have not undergone the final spraying process, and the related storage time will be concise. The raw material manufacturers also need to clean the overall production line. With such troublesome procedures and high cost, if there is no stable order quantity, basically no factory is willing to produce this type of foam.

UC Sponge has in-depth cooperation with the best cellulose raw material manufacturers in China. According to your requirements, we can customize small batches of biocide-free cellulose block without humectants and sterilizers and make them into small sizes. UC is the only company that provides Biocide free sponge you can find in the Chinese market.