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UC Sponge is the earliest company in China engaged in the manufacture and sale of compressed cellulose sponges. We covered 70% of the Chinese market with soldering iron cleaning pads. Our expanding sponges are also widely used in beauty, household cleaning, automobiles, skin care, promotion and other fields.

UC Compressed Sponge are Better Than 70% ones on Market, And Saves you more.

Suppose you are choose a right compressed cellulose sponge manufacturer that meets your requirements, from which perspectives would you consider it? Is it price, quality, delivery, or something else? Do you still only rely on local suppliers? What if somebody told you that all the raw materials of cellulose sponges come from a limited number of suppliers globally. Would you still insist to that? The most sensible choice is to reduce production costs and ensure product quality as much as possible while ensuring the same raw materials obtain more profit margins.

UC Sponge is the leader in the compression sponge processing and production industry. We have been engaged in the production and processing of related compressed sponges for more than ten years. We have long-term and stable cooperation with well-known wood pulp and cotton raw material manufacturers in China and overseas. Strict quality management of incoming materials and skilled production and processing technology ensure our quality. A mature and stable supply chain system and loss control in production and processing reduce unnecessary production and processing costs, thereby ensuring your profit . We have more competitive prices than 70% of our peers.

Our raw materials are the same as your local quality

Compared with your local compressed sponge suppliers, our quality is the same or even better as our raw manufacturers are the top 3 in the industry.

The production of compressed sponges do not have strict technical requirements. However, the material is the core factor. Therefore, UC Sponge spent more than ten years screening and testing different wood pulp materials for different applications and finally determined the supply of the three highest quality cellulose materials in our business.

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Professional and all-around manufacturing process.

All our processing equipment and production environment are customized around compressed sponges. UC Sponge is an innovator and pioneer of compressed sponges. We have the most comprehensive processing methods in the Chinese market and a strict quality control system. We can meet your different customization and OEM production requirements.


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More Features Of UC Compressd Cellulose

Have all the excellent characteristics of compressed sponges.

Super Absorbent

Absorb 25 x Weight than other cleaning supplies.

Machine Washable

Reused up to 50x times after toss into washer.

Reduce Waste

 Swedish dishcloths saves 150 rolls of paper towels.

Miracle Sponges

Quick expand to full size within 2s after wet.

360° Customize

Any size, shape and color can be manufactured.


The crushed wood pulp fiber can be composted.

10 More Reasons You Should Choose UC Sponge

  • Retail Giants' SupplierUC Sponge is a trusted supplier for Forbes's top 100 retail companies.
  • Good RawsOur raw material manufacturers come from the 3 major giants representing the highest quality.
  • Unique Production lines3 customized made compressed sponge production lines.
  • Better Prices And DeliveryUC Sponge has more competitive prices and is twice faster as 70% of its peers.
  • Small or 0 Tool InvestmentNo tool investment of $1,000 or $2,000 is required; we only need to start at $50.
  • Minor TolerancesThe production appearance tolerance is within ±2 mm.
  • Compressed ExpertMore than 10 years of professional manufacturing experience on compressd sponges.
  • Export WorldwideProducts are shipped to more than 40 countries and regions.
  • Avg 4.8 ReviewsOn Amazon and some other platforms, high rated by users with more than 4.8 points.
  • The ONLY Biocide Free ManufacturerThe only supplier in the Chinese market that can produce biocide free compressed sponges.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Thanks for the great service. Our customers love cellulose sponge. UC Sponge has really helped our business. I could probably go into sales for you.”

Martin F.

“We switched from a US based sponge manufacturer to UC Sponge, and the difference was huge. They really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work”

Bryan C.

“There are very few companies left that you can depend on to continue providing great products year after year. UC Sponge is one of the few that I rely on.”

Jane D.

Cellulose Sponges Manufacturing At UC Sponge.

Customization of appearance and size.

Sponge dehydration and thickness control.

OEM processing for the commercial field.

Compound production of compressed sponges.

Computer digital printing and silk screen printing.

Customized processing of color and moisturizer exclusion.

Ultimate Guide To Compressed Sponges

This guide will help you find quality compressed sponges.

It covers everything you have been looking for, such as design, type of compressed sponges, benefits, cost, and care procedures among other critical aspects.
So please read this guide before buying compressed sponges.

What is compressed Sponge?

Compressed cellulose sponge product, Aka pop up sponges are formed by the compression of ordinary cellulose sponge or wood pulp sponge. Like other plastics or elastic materials, people want to use a machine to compress it and save courier costs due to the large volume affecting transportation.

The compressed cellulose sponge is not a popular new product. Instead, it is a similar compact foam product that appeared in the past 20 to 30 years, while cellulose materials only appeared in the past 10 years.

So what is the raw material of compressed sponges? Where we can use it?

The compressed sponges mainly refer to compressed wood pulp products, and its raw material is natural cellulose fiber. Cellulose sponge is a sponge product made of coniferous wood and other cotton fibers. Because it is made of natural wood, it can be 100% degraded naturally and will not cause damage to the environment.

Because of its unique characteristics, it was originally used in daily life as a new type of green cleaning material. In addition, it has good water absorption and features, and perhaps it has played an essential environmental protection role in many fields.

What are the types of compressed sponges? Where is the main application fields?

Because compressed cellulose sponge is composed of one material. The main part of the franchise is the change in appearance and application direction.

Daily cleaning and car cleaning: due to its excellent water absorption as well as high-temperature resistance. It can sterilize inside of the microwave, killing 95% bacterias or more.

Beauty salon: It is an indispensable cleaning tool for professional technicians in beauty salons. It can effectively remove stains on the skin or remove oil.

Beauty: It can be convenient for consumers to take care of daily and remove the mask. It can be adapted to different skin types without causing allergies.

Literature and art teaching materials: professional teaching aids for education and training can be made.

Electric soldering iron: can be used to clean the high-temperature soldering iron tip.

Laboratory: It can be used for cultivation and conducting cultivation tests.

Promotional items: The logo can be printed on the air-dried and processed sponge as a slogan.

How are compressed sponges produced?

The production of compressed sponges mainly includes three procedures.

Procedure 1 Cutting original block:
The first step in producing the compressed sponge is cutting out the sheet according to the requested thickness and size. For example, suppose you need a thickness of 9 mm (generally referred to as the expanded size). In that case, we may use a sponge horizontal cutting machine to cut this specific thickness first.

Procedure 2 Drying treatment of sponge:
The initial sponge sheets with an expected thickness will be fixed in a custom-made frame for extraction and air-drying absorption. Environmental and auxiliary equipment control huge effect the drying time need. The air-drying process is the final stage of the entire processing process of the compressed sheets, which can reach about one week. The final product is generally between 820 mm and 850 mm in length and width.

Procedure 3 Final processing of sponge:
The entire dried compressed sheet is fractalized in various shapes through dedicated die-cut molds through punching and shearing machine.

How do you use a compressed sponge?

The only difference between the compressed sponge and ordinary sponge is that though the thickness has changed. Still, its physical characteristics are precisely the same as before compression.

The compressed sponge is a fascinating thing and maybe even more fun for children. After taking out the sealed compressed sponges from the vacuum packaging bag or the heat-sealed bag, soak them into the container full of water. You will see magical scenes happen. As thin as a piece of paper, the sponge quickly expanded within two seconds of entering the water, and the whole process was full of visual impact.

The expanded sponges can be used according to your different needs. For example, wipe the stains on the object’s surface, absorb the moisture remaining on the desktop, or it can be used as a laboratory for microbial cultivation. You can even use it to cultivate plants.

After using, you can put the sponges in a ventilated place or hang them up. They can be quickly dried in natural air, thereby eliminating the nourishment of bacteria and avoiding health hazards to the human body. Re-immerse it in water at the beginning of the next use. It can be reused when wet.

How should compressed sponges be stored? How long can they be stored generally?

If the compressed sponges need to be stored for a long time, it’s better to be placed them in a cool and dry place, and it needs to be sealed. The reason is that the sponge loses its moisturizer and antiseptic components during the compression pretreatment process, and humid air will quickly cause the sponge to become moldy. The standard sealing method is shrinking film or heat pressure sealing bag.

There is currently no accurate scientifically recorded storage time. For the well-sealed sponges, for example, some products in the UC Sponge sample room have even been used for four years, except that the color is slightly oxidized, and there is no change in use. Therefore, this kind of sponge is very suitable for long-term storage and warehouse-type sales.

What should I do with the compressed sponge after use?

The expanded sponges may crack or become thinner after repeated use. Or damaged under extreme conditions of use, you can discard it at this time. Don’t worry; they will not cause any harm to the environment. If you smash it into smaller pieces, it will be more conducive to its natural degradation.

Is there degradable packaging suitable for compressed sponges?

Of course, full composite organic bags made of corn starch or other PLA materials on the market can be naturally degraded. If you have high requirements for environmental protection or carbon emissions, we can provide corresponding packaging solutions.

Are there other compressible sponge materials besides cellulose material?

We can provide processing of melamine sponge. It is also a niche and new trending product. There are only a few sellers on the market. The difference is that it is chemically made and does not have the characteristics of a natural sponge.

How to clean compressed sponges

Surface stains that are easier to clean can be washed with running water. For sponges that contain greasy dirt, you can use detergent or other auxiliary cleaning agents to remove them.

Can a microwave oven sterilize it?

According to relevant laboratory test data, short-term high temperature and ultraviolet disinfection can kill 95% of the bacteria that cover the sponge’s surface and harm the human digestive tract, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus.

Are there disadvantages to compressed wood pulp cotton?

Although its original material-cellulose fiber, is 100% naturally degradable, it will cause particular environmental pollution during its production process. This is why very few countries and regions can have suitable foaming places.

The cellulose sponge block also has a certain proportion of humectants and preservatives for long storage, which must be washed many times when used for the first time, especially in direct food contact.

Compressed sponges must use a sealed package to ensure that it will not expand during transportation.

What is the difference between you and North American suppliers?

There are very few foaming plants for natural cellulose sponges in the world. Means compression manufacturing plants are not many. North American suppliers and ours use the same raw material supply companies. The main difference lies in processing costs and delivery timeliness. From these perspectives, we are more competitive. Some processing plants in North America and Europe also purchase original compressed sheets for slitting processing.

How to calculate the price of compressed sponges?

Except for injection molded products, most sponge materials calculation use square or cubic unit prices to calculate costs. For compressed sponges, additional mold fees are required due to the processing of knife molds. Compared with overseas suppliers, we only charge About 5/1 of their tool costs.

I hope you got all information you were looking for in this guide.

However, if you have more questions on compressed sponges, free to contact us.

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