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UC Sponge is a leading custom Swedish dishcloth manufacturer and one of the largest Swedish dishcloth (cellulose sponge cloth) distributors in China. Our company offers Swedish dishcloths wholesale and fabrication services for retailers and wholesalers worldwide.

We know you may have these problems with your Swedish dishcloth manufacturers, and here we got the solutions…

The Swedish dishcloth is the most popular environmentally friendly cleaning product. Many people are making huge profits from them. But for small to midsize retailers, if you decide to order sponge cloth from these manufacturers, you’ll find that they basically require you to order 7 months or more in advance, and they require a huge quantity to be ordered (usually tens or hundreds of thousands of pieces), which is challenging.

Hey, so what? Can’t you make money without this? Hell no! We import sponge cloths in bulk from the top Swedish dishcloth manufacturers every year. As a joint purchase with our partners, we’re much better at supplying and delivering than most other companies.

Now you can order any size, any color of Swedish dishcloth at any time, without worrying about our eco supplies brand running out of stock! Just contact us now to bring your Swedish dishcloth wholesale and retail business normal.

UC Sponge Swedish Dishcloth Manufacturer’s Service

Upon offer Swedish dishcloth wholesale, UC Sponge do also handle the basic fabrication like slitting, drying, printing and OEM processes of Swedish Dishcloth. Through a complete quality control system, to meet your customized product needs:

  • Cutting & Diecut
  • Printing
  • Private labeling
  • Laminating & Sewing
  • More…
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Start your Swedish dishcloth project with UC Sponge

Our experience as an export-oriented sponge factory allows us to better meet the product specifications and quality requirements of our target markets than traditional manufacturers and provide quick and comprehensive product solutions.

Our Swedish dishcloth manufacturer’s categories

With a manufacturer like UC Sponge, you can get better quality and customized Swedish Dishcloth. Let us help you evaluate for your project.

China Sponge Cloth

China’s highest quality sponge cloth, same softness and absorbent as Swedish dishcloth, one third the price.

Europe Sponge Cloth

Wet or dry , multiple color and sizes ellulose sponge cloth in full quantities origins from France, Sweden and Germany.

Imprinted Sponge Cloth

UV digital imprint or silk print your logos or patterns on Swedish dishcloth surface, start from $0.1 per piece.

We are not only a Swedish dishcloth wholesale supplier but sponge cloth manufacturer

UC Sponge not only sells Swedish dishcloths but also makes sponge cloths.

You can get Swedish dishcloths in rolls and custom lengths and widths.

UC Sponge will be your best partner, whether you need direct sales or custom Swedish dishcloths.

For more information about our full range of foam manufacturing services, please contact us online, or call +86 156 0380 9330

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Thanks for the great service. Our customers love cellulose sponge. UC Sponge has really helped our business. I could probably go into sales for you.”

Martin F.

“We switched from a US based sponge manufacturer to UC Sponge, and the difference was huge. They really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work”

Bryan C.

“There are very few companies left that you can depend on to continue providing great products year after year. UC Sponge is one of the few that I rely on.”

Jane D.

Learn more about our Swedish dishcloth manufacturer’s service

As a company that makes and processes cellulose sponge, UC Sponge knows how to deal with these natural made cleaning sponges better than most traders or foam manufacturers, which means our quality standards are more in line with your needs and we can always give you a more efficient solution.

Cutting & Diecut

All sellers on the market sell the same size. What if you made the Swedish dishcloth smaller? Wouldn’t it be cute if it was a cute little animal, like a bear, a cat, or a smiley face?
We can do this for you quickly and in bulk, and with a tolerance of just 2mm.


Print on demand companies are catching on to the Swedish dishcloth trend, which accounts for half the market. You may need more graphics than just the product itself to satisfy your buyers.
Partnering with UC Sponge gives you access to an unlimited number of graphic designs and eco-friendly inks for your Swedish cloths.

Private Labeling

With UC Sponge you can use traditional plastic packaging or new eco-friendly packaging, and our flexible supplier partners can even give you generic packaging for your low-volume orders, all of which helps you build your brand fast!
In addition to Swedish dishcloth, UC Sponge also offers compressed cellulose sponges, which can also be printed and used for cleaning, and its expansion with water is an interesting selling point!

How to judge quality from sponge cloth manufacturers

In this market, many companies can provide sponge cloth. However, the texture, color, and thickness of the sponge cloth manufacturers they provide are different. Sponge cloth that look similar in appearance are big differences in inside quality.

High-quality sponge cloth materials are generally made of more wood pulp fiber and new cotton. Bad sponge cloth have a rough plastic feel and have very poor water absorption. 

End consumers prefer to obtain high-quality sponge cleaning cloths at a more affordable price.

UC Sponge has many channels to import raw materials or semi-finished products from Europe for many years. We provide the finished Swedish Cloth to buyers in different channels through customized processing. We will ensure you win in the cleaning industry.

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