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People Love Green Cleaing Tool

Cellulose is a new type of environmentally friendly plot material. It can completely replace most of the cleaning products. The crushed wood pulp cotton can be naturally decomposed by the environment as soon as a few weeks.

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Key Benefits

Even today, sponges made of ordinary polyurethane or polyether account for most global share. Sponge products made of many chemical raw materials have massive damage to society and the environment from production to final disposal. Relevant data indicate that it takes hundreds of years for plastic products to completely degrade independently, which is why more and more ordinary people are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection awareness.

The cellulose sponge market was monopolized by big brands such as Scotch Brite, Vileda, Rubbermaid, etc. In recent years, some smart business people have discovered its potential. They have found that cellulose is a sponge product with a massive premium by analyzing the market and competition. Some people have begun to create brands and cultivate their consumer groups.

UC Sponge provides cost-effective custom manufacturing and packaging solutions for both wet and dry cellulose sponges. Our products are rated high score across different platforms.

Unlimited custom and private label.

Stable supplyment for inventory retail business.

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Professional OEM Solutions

UC Sponge provides cost-effective cellulose sponge various uses.

Sponge Scrubbers

Great for dish washing, cleaning counter-tops, sinks, appliances, floors and more.

Facial Pads

Work well for professional spa facial and skin cleansing.

Sponge Cloth

The Best cleaning rug on market – Swedish Cloth.