Facial Sponges Made of Cellulose Materials

100% exfoliating Sponges suitable for multiple skin types

UC Sponge is a professional bulk and customized manufacturing supplier of cellulose facial cleansing sponges in China. Our products are exported to the United States, Europe, and other markets. We have a stable supply in many professional spas all over the world.

A Fact You Never Know: Not all cellulose sponges are 100% safe facial sponges.

Do you know that mostly cellulose sponges are made initially to use for ordinary household cleaning? Therefore, SAFE and qualified facial cleansing pads that involve direct human skincare and facial deep cleansing should be higher quality level. However, more than 80% of suppliers use traditional cellulose raw materials with obvious chemical additives, which will cause significant damage to the facial skin.

UC Sponge’s sponge raw materials are selected and especially suitable for skincare. They are made of ultra-soft, wood pulp fiber. In addition, the chemical components contained in it have been pretreated, which is safe and healthy for the body and skin.Choose UC Sponge to get a natural and better exfoliating sponge.

Moist or dry status comes in 7+ colors.

Compared with most other local facial cleansing sponge suppliers, we can provide wet and compressed ones with more than 7 colors.

UC Sponge has a stock of raw materials in a variety of colors. We are a rare supplier on the market that can provide hybrid and multi-color face wash sponges. Our compressed face wash can save shipping costs and have 100% Guaranteed thickness after expansion.

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Wholesale and commercial shelf ready packaging.

We can provide bulk consumable and non-logo / universal packaging solutions for professional beauty salons and spas. Also provide professional, commercialized packaging products for Amazon or other online malls, offline supermarkets, and chain stores.

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More Features Of UC Facial Cellulose Sponge

Have all the excellent characteristics of compressed sponges.

Super Absorbent

Absorb 25 x Weight than other cleaning supplies.

Machine Washable

Reused up to 50x times after toss into washer.

Reduce Waste

 Swedish dishcloths saves 150 rolls of paper towels.

Miracle Sponges

Quick expand to full size within 2s after wet.

360° Customize

Any size, shape and color can be manufactured.


The crushed wood pulp fiber can be composted.

10 More Reasons You Should Choose UC Sponge

  • Retail Giants' SupplierUC Sponge is a trusted supplier for Forbes's top 100 retail companies.
  • Good RawsOur raw material manufacturers come from the 3 major giants representing the highest quality.
  • Unique Production lines3 customized made compressed sponge production lines.
  • Better Prices And DeliveryUC Sponge has more competitive prices and is twice faster as 70% of its peers.
  • Small or 0 Tool InvestmentNo tool investment of $1,000 or $2,000 is required; we only need to start at $50.
  • Minor TolerancesThe production appearance tolerance is within ±2 mm.
  • Facial Sponges ExpertMore than 10 years of professional manufacturing experience on cellulose cleansing pads.
  • Export WorldwideProducts are shipped to more than 40 countries and regions.
  • Avg 4.8 ReviewsOn Amazon and some other platforms, high rated by users with more than 4.8 points.
  • The ONLY Biocide Free ManufacturerThe only supplier in the Chinese market that can produce biocide free compressed sponges.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Thanks for the great service. Our customers love cellulose sponge. UC Sponge has really helped our business. I could probably go into sales for you.”

Martin F.

“We switched from a US based sponge manufacturer to UC Sponge, and the difference was huge. They really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work”

Bryan C.

“There are very few companies left that you can depend on to continue providing great products year after year. UC Sponge is one of the few that I rely on.”

Jane D.

Cellulose Facial Sponges Manufacturing At UC Sponge.

Customization of appearance and size.

Sponge dehydration and thickness control.

OEM processing for the commercial field.

Compound production of compressed sponges.

Computer digital printing and silk screen printing.

Customized processing of color and moisturizer exclusion.

Ultimate Guide To Facial Sponges

This guide will help you find quality Facial sponges.

It covers everything you have been looking for, such as design, type of cellulose facial sponges, benefits, cost, and care procedures among other critical aspects.
So please read this guide before buying compressed sponges.

What is cellulose facial Sponge?

Cellulose facial sponges it is made of wood pulp fiber, a natural material made sponge that is excellent used for facial cleansing. Compared with other cotton pads, or facial paper wipes, cellulose facial exfoliating sponge is more environmentally friendly and can go deep into the facial skin for deep cleansing.

The cellulose exfoliating facial sponge was first used in beauty salons. Esthetician uses it to treat customers’ faces and skin. This application is also one of the largest consumer markets for cellulose sponge products. In recent years, some retail sellers have begun to sell cellulose facial pads on various channels. Face cleansing sponges made of cellulose that can exfoliate dead skin have been favored by some beauty care enthusiasts through online and offline sales channels, which are highly convenient for daily facial cleansing and facial mask removing.

What are facial sponges used for?

The facial sponge, or face wash sponge, which can effectively replace traditional towels, non-woven fabrics, or other cotton facial cleaning tools, is an effective and economical way of facial cleansing and skin care.

Why should we use cellulose facial sponges and benefits?

As an age of industrialization, our living environment is full of challenges. For example, highly polluted air and dust can cause potential damage to our facial skin. To care for our delicate skin, we tried different skincare products made of simple materials or even high-tech cleaning products, such as electric face washers, to ensure the skin’s health.

As a traditional facial wipe product, the face cleansing sponge has been available for a long time. It is a relatively economical, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning tool on the market and has the following advantages:

Deep Cleansing

Ordinary wiping products such as face wash towels and traditional towels can only clean the dust-covered face and cannot penetrate deep into the pores. However, the wood pulp fiber made facial cleansing sponges penetrate directly into the substrate to obliterate dirt.

Exfoliating and massage

It can effectively remove dead skin on the face, massage the face and promote blood circulation in the front. It can be used for a long time and has a whitening effect. It can be used for most people, is suitable for all skin types, and does not cause allergic reactions.

Very soft

Sponges used for professional facial cleaning are generally as soft as face towels—even gentle enough to wash the baby’s face and body.

Health and hygiene

Thanks to the open-pore structure of the sponge, the face wash is easier and faster to dry than ordinary towels, effectively eliminating the nourishment of bacteria in humid environments and ensuring facial hygiene.

Extremely environmentally friendly

Face wash sponges made of natural materials can be discarded directly after use and will not harm the environment—an effective and economical way of facial cleansing and care.

What are compressed facial sponges?

Facial sponges can be divided into two types: dry and wet. Under standard conditions, as the face wash sponges contain moisturizers, they feel moist to the touch. Dry face wash sponges generally refer to compressed facial sponges. It is a cleansing facial pad that has been air-dried and compressed during the production and processing process.

There is no difference in material between the two forms. The dried face sponges were invented to solve the high freight caused by the large volume during transportation. In addition, the compressed sponge pads are also convenient for long-term storage, which is a more popular product in recent years.

How are facial sponges produced?

Here, the facial sponge refers to a cleansing sponge made of wood pulp or cellulose material, and it was produced by cutting and punching the cellulose sponge blocks. The manufacturing process mainly includes 4 processing steps.

1. The foaming of sponge blocks. The original foam size of the cellulose sponge is 1.02m*1.02m*38cm. In this process, the sponge’s color, the pores’ size, and the density, toughness, and pull resistance are all determined.

2. Sponge block initial cutting. After being processed by a horizon cutting machine, the original facial sponge sheet will be cut into the required thickness. In this process, if compressed facial sponges need to be produced, the sponge sheet will be fixed on the frame, waiting to dry out. If it does not need to be compressed, the sponge sheet will be sent to the next step – die-cutting.

3. Die-cutting. In this stage, the semi-finished sponge sheet created in step 2 will be put into the punching machine for punching. Unlike traditional cutting or c NC cutting, this part requires the participation of die cut molds. The sponge diecut moulds determine the final product size and shape.

4. Deliver the order. According to the customer’s demand, bulk facial sponges will be delivered directly or OEM production if the customer requires a private label service.

How to use facial sponges?

The facial cleansing sponge is the most commonly used cleansing wiping tool. Its usage is the same as that of cleaning cotton pads. please pay attention to the following points during use:

1. First use. Rinse the sponge repeatedly under running water, squeeze or knead gently with your hands during this process to remove possible residual moisturizer.

2. Use with facial cleanser. Wet your face with your hands, place the sponge on the palm of your hand, and add facial cleanser approx 1cm height. Rub the sponge gently with your hands to generate foam.

3. Ways to wash face. After foaming, place the sponge on your face to wash your face. Pay attention to the order of washing. It would help if you flew from the place where the oil comes out first. It is usually the T-zone: the forehead and nose, then the chin, and finally the cheeks. When washing your face, use a gentle, circular massage, not too hard. The dirt on the front will be wrapped in foam and a sponge, waiting for us to wash it off.

4. Storage and cleaning. After the sponge is used, rinse the dirt and foam with running water, place it in a ventilated place, dry quickly, and wait for the subsequent use.

How should facial sponges be stored? How long can they be stored generally?

If the facial sponges need to be stored for a long time, it’s better to be placed them in a cool and dry place, and it needs to be sealed. 

There is currently no accurate scientifically recorded storage time. For the well-sealed sponges, for example, some products in the UC Sponge sample room have even been used for four years, except that the color is slightly oxidized, and there is no change in use. Therefore, this kind of sponge is very suitable for long-term storage and warehouse-type sales.

How to clean facial cleansing sponges?

The ordinary impurities left on the sponges can be directly rinsed away with running water.
In addition, wood pulp fiber does not absorb oil, which means that most of the oil stains can be directly rinsed with water. However, for some heavy oil stains and high-viscosity pollution, detergents are needed.

However, as a manufacturer of face wash, we suggest that no matter whether the sponge is heavily contaminated or not, we hope that you can discard it after a few simple uses to achieve 100% hygienic use. Because cellulose face wash pad is relatively cheap, and it will not cause any harm to the environment, it is an entirely green, clean face cotton made of natural materials.

Can a microwave oven sterilize it?

According to relevant laboratory test data, short-term high temperature and ultraviolet disinfection can kill 95% of the bacteria that cover the sponge’s surface and harm the human digestive tract, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus.

Are there disadvantages to facial sponges?

The cellulose sponge block ever contains a certain proportion of humectants for long storage, which means we should wash away before the first-time use.

Compressed facial sponges must use a sealed package to ensure that it will not expand during transportation.

What is the difference between you and North American suppliers?

There are very few foaming plants for natural cellulose sponges in the world.  North American suppliers and ours use the same raw material supply companies. The main difference lies in processing costs and delivery timeliness. From these perspectives, we are more competitive. 

How you quote the price of facial sponges?

Except for injection molded products, most sponge materials calculation use square or cubic unit prices to calculate costs. For facial sponges, additional mold fees are required due to the processing of knife molds. Compared with overseas suppliers, we only charge About 5/1 of their tool costs.

I hope you got all information you were looking for in this guide.

However, if you have more questions on facial sponges, free to contact us.

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