Multipurpose Cellulose Scrub Sponges Made By UC Sponge

7 days more durable than similar ones.

UC is a leading company engaged in the manufacturing of cellulose cleaning sponges. We provide solutions for cleaning supplies for general commercial uses and professional cleaning companies. Our product development is inspired by 3M Scotch Brite scouring pad sponge, and is more durable than most Chinese cellulose cleaning sponges, and will not easily degum.

Do you know? Those who can make ordinary cleaning sponges may not be familiar with cellulose manufacturing. Here is the reason.

Compared with the ordinary sponge, cellulose is different. As a natural material, it has to contain moisturizers and preservatives to prevent mildew, which means that the entire process will involve moisture. In addition to causing damage to the cutting blade, it also caused a lot of trouble for the bonding process. The sponges made of ordinary chemical materials are not technically challenging because they are custom-produced in a dry environment, especially for models that need to be bonded.

No one wants to use the sponge to face the phenomenon of degumming after less than a few times use, especially in high temperature or oily environments. Choose UC Sponge to solve this problem perfectly and bring the best cellulose cleaning sponge solution to your customers.


Multi-color and high-density materials.

Compared with your local compressed sponge suppliers, our quality is the same or even better as our raw manufacturers are the top 3 in the industry.

Cellulose sponges used for cleaning purposes have more muscular tensile strength, higher density, and toughness. Not only the cellulose components, all the conforming materials, such as spray coating, adhesive glue, and scouring pads, are all strictly tested and screened by UC Sponge. As a result, it ensure more toughness and durability.

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Following latest market trends

UC Sponge is an innovator of cleaning cellulose sponges. We are extremely sensitive to the latest sponge models and processing technology on the market. Therefore, we will quickly capture any trending products or designs. As soon as possible, Push it to you to help your profit increase.

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More Features Of UC Cellulose Scrub Sponges

Have all the excellent characteristics of cellulose cleaning sponges.

Super Absorbent

Absorb 25 x Weight than other cleaning supplies.

Machine Washable

Reused up to 50x times after toss into washer.

Reduce Waste

 Swedish dishcloths saves 150 rolls of paper towels.

Miracle Sponges

Quick expand to full size within 2s after wet.

360° Customize

Any size, shape and color can be manufactured.


The crushed wood pulp fiber can be composted.

10 More Reasons You Should Choose UC Sponge

  • Retail Giants' SupplierUC Sponge is a trusted supplier for Forbes's top 100 retail companies.
  • Good RawsOur raw material manufacturers come from the 3 major giants representing the highest quality.
  • Unique Production lines3 customized made compressed sponge production lines.
  • Better Prices And DeliveryUC Sponge has more competitive prices and is twice faster as 70% of its peers.
  • Small or 0 Tool InvestmentNo tool investment of $1,000 or $2,000 is required; we only need to start at $50.
  • Minor TolerancesThe production appearance tolerance is within ±2 mm.
  • Better BondingProfessional customized bonding glue suitable for cellulose sponges.
  • Export WorldwideProducts are shipped to more than 40 countries and regions.
  • Avg 4.8 ReviewsOn Amazon and some other platforms, high rated by users with more than 4.8 points.
  • The ONLY Biocide Free ManufacturerThe only supplier in the Chinese market that can produce biocide free compressed sponges.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Thanks for the great service. Our customers love cellulose sponge. UC Sponge has really helped our business. I could probably go into sales for you.”

Martin F.

“We switched from a US based sponge manufacturer to UC Sponge, and the difference was huge. They really care about the quality and thoroughness of their work”

Bryan C.

“There are very few companies left that you can depend on to continue providing great products year after year. UC Sponge is one of the few that I rely on.”

Jane D.

Cellulose Sponges Manufacturing At UC Sponge.

Customization of appearance and size.

Sponge dehydration and thickness control.

OEM processing for the commercial field.

Compound production of compressed sponges.

Computer digital printing and silk screen printing.

Customized processing of color and moisturizer exclusion.

Ultimate Guide To Cellulose Scrub Sponges

This guide will help you find quality scrub sponges.

It covers everything you have been looking for, such as design, type of scrub sponges, benefits, cost, and care procedures among other critical aspects.
So please read this guide before buying cellulose cleaning sponges.

What is cellulose scrub sponges?

Cellulose scrub sponges, a kind of sponge sheet made of wood pulp fibres, can be used for a variety of daily cleaning and professional cleaning works.
The original material of wood pulp fibre is derived from softwood fibres in nature. It is formed through a series of complex injection moulding foaming processes.

What are the benefits of cellulose scrub cleaning sponges?

The durable and flexible material will help you finish most of the cleaning jobs from kitchen cookware like pots, dishes, pans, or bowls to furnitures like table, chair to car washing and more. With the strong elasticity and endurance, it will easily finish all the cleaning tasks and give a long-lasting performance.

100% biodegradable

Compared with ordinary plastic sponge materials, the most significant feature is that the cleaning sponge made of wood pulp raw materials can be 100% naturally degraded and used for composting. The cellulose cleaning sponge was used in the cleaning field soon after the material was developed. The material was born for the cleaning industry. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade cleaning consumables made of traditional chemicals and plastics completely, but wood pulp and cotton can be degraded within 3 months. It meets people’s urgent needs for environmental protection and is the best and economical daily cleaning appliance.

Prevent the growth of bacteria

The original cellulose block is moist because it contains moisturizers and antibacterial agents. The antibacterial agents inside it can hinder the growth and spread of germs. In addition, the cellulose sponges are very easy to dry quickly and further prevent microorganisms grow.


Cellulose sponges have what traditional sponges do not have. Its unparalleled water absorption can absorb water 25 times more than its volume. This feature can be used for the adsorption of residual water on the surface. It can also be used for applications requiring moisture absorption.

Colourful colours

Cellulose sponges have various gorgeous colours and can be freely matched with a variety of composite materials to customize the trendy and novel packaging to bring fun to the kitchen or the home.

Super gentle

Cellulose sponges won’t hurt the non-stick pot. Although the cellulose scourer sponge is made of wood pulp fibre, it is as soft as a towel. It can even be used for facial cleansing and skincare of beauty makeup. Moreover, it will not cause damage to the surface of fragile objects when wiped.

Microwave sterilizable.

It can be disinfected in a microwave oven or a disinfection cabinet, killing more than 95% of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, etc. In addition, it can be customized at will. Wood pulp cotton can be processed into various shapes and sizes, as well as composite products.

What are the type of scrub sponges?

Cellulose Scrub sponges are roughly divided into the following categories.

1. Non composited sponges

This type is made of original cellulose block, directly cut into small pieces without joint or sewing other materials. The basic version cellulose scrubber sponges were made to handle basic housework cleaning and have good water absorption is also one of the most economical sponges.

2. Composite sponge

Composite cellulose sponges mainly refer to the cleaning sponge with a cellulose sponge pad on one side and additional materials on the other or both sides, such as scouring pads, loofah pads, etc. The composite process includes glue bonding, hot melt bonding, or hand sewing. The specific characteristics have the advantages of basic non composited sponges. In addition, due to the frictional composite surface, composited cleaning sponges can be used for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

3. Compressed cleaning

sponges, AKA pop up cleaning sponges, are cellulose made a compressed sheet that was made by compression of ordinary cellulose sponges, the compressed cellulose scrubber sponges are made into as thin as a paper sheet, which can expand to the original thickness and size when exposed to water. It has been a more popular product since 2020. The compressed cleaning sponges facilitate long-term storage and save shipping costs. In addition, a compressed cleaning sheet can compress common, non-composite material and composite material cleaning cotton.

Comparisions VS PU/PE sponges, VS melamine foam

Compared with traditional PU/PE sponge

The traditional sponge scrubbers are made of polyether and polyurethane materials, always composite of yellow foam and a green scouring pad on the other. This kind of sponge is very common, especially in kitchen cleaning. Which still has a high share in the current market.
Advantages: Low raw materials, manufacturing, and processing costs lead to the finished product’s low unit price. Suitable for meeting most cleaning tasks.
Disadvantages: Poor water absorption, difficulty to clean after adsorbing oil stains. Supported by chemical materials will cause pollution to the ecological environment. Generally, the service life is short, and even high-density sponges will lose support after high-frequency use.

Comparison with melamine foam

A Nano sponge is also a melamine sponge. It is a white, lightweight sponge product that was first used in the construction industry. Then Japanese people found that it can clean most stains without any detergent, so it is very popular among people.
Advantages: Use water to pick up and quickly wipe clean the stains covering the object’s surface.
Disadvantages: Like its other name, the magic eraser is always easily used up quickly during wiping. It is also the original design of a highly polluting sponge product. It is not professionally used in the cleaning field and cannot be used directly with food.

With the global advocacy of reducing carbon emissions and increasing awareness of environmental protection, wood pulp cotton, which has a 100% alternative function and a similar cost, is undoubtedly the best cleaning tool. It has all the functions of traditional cleaning tools and makes up for all the defects.

How long can we use it?

Under normal conditions, cellulose sponge scrubbers are more than twice as durable as most traditional sponges. In addition, its stable physical properties ensure better toughness and tensile resistance, and it can be used in high-temperature environments with the same excellent performance.

How to clean the sponges?

The sponge should be discarded when it cracks during extreme scrubbing or unremovable stains. For people with high requirements for environmental protection, it is recommended to replace one piece at least every two weeks (if the sponge is still in good condition).

General stains can be cleaned by quick flushing with a faucet. For stains containing heavy oil, adding a small amount of detergent can help clean it. After each use, the rapid drying of the sponges can effectively inhibit the nourishment of bacteria and other microorganisms.

In addition, a microwave oven or ultraviolet disinfection equipment can be used to sterilize the sponge.

What are the packing method for scrub sponges

Common packaging methods for cleaning sponges are mainly plastic bags and paper boxes. Plastic bags include ordinary self-adhesive sealed bags, heat-sealed bags, shrink films, and so on. The boxes include kraft boxes, cardboard boxes, and so on. We can also provide packaging with full degradation to protect the cleaning brush sponge.

I hope you got all information you were looking for in this guide.

However, if you have more questions on cellulose scrub sponges, free to contact us.

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