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A Green Disposable Sponge

Cellulose Sponge has been widely used in the cleaning market such as the kitchen, household, commercial, automotive, chemical, and other fields in the past few decades. It is the only high-efficiency cleaning tool that is artificially processed and made from natural raw materials.

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Key Benefits

Cellulose Sponge Wipe can be made into Sponge Wand, mop head, ordinary dishwashing sponge, car washing sponge, etc. All companies involved in cleaning products have added it to the product line, such as Ocelo, Scotch Brite, Full Circle, Rubbermaid, etc. You will also see them in Walmart, Target, Homedepot, Woolsworth, and other supermarket chains.

There are also some new derivatives of cellulose products for cleaning purposes—for example, the latest trend of compressed cleaning sponges to reduce transportation costs. Sponge cloth made of composite materials (wood pulp fibers and cotton mesh cloth) also has had a particular share in the market in the past 10 years.

UC Sponge provides cost-effective custom and private label cellulose cleaning sponge solution . We supply to supermarkets such as Aldi, Woolsworth, Costcutter, have the fastest delivery time in the industry.

Degradable materials, 100% eco raws made.

Suitable for non-stick or other fragile surface.

Prevent breed bacteria and can be sterilized.

Great water and oil absorption ability.

Where We can use it.

UC Sponge provides cost-effective cellulose sponge for facial and skincare and offers wet and dry products. 

Sponge Scrubbers

Great for dish washing, cleaning counter-tops, sinks, appliances, floors and more.

Facial Pads

Work well for professional spa facial and skin cleansing.

Sponge Cloth

The Best cleaning rug on market – Swedish Cloth.